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This part of the website is for my own thoughts and experience.
This blog started as posts on Facebook. 
Finally the time has come when I 
understood that it is not enough space 
on my wall to share everything that I 
want. This post should be the 20th on 
Facebook, however I decided to make it 
the 1st here.
Awakening from a coma. Different Australia. What new has happened in my 
life? Not really something special, 
however much as well. Let’s start from 
the  beginning. Again, I was asked where had I disappeared. I was not gone check on this page and you will see :)
Let’s talk frankly! 
- these words follow metime after time. When I was having 
classes for writers beginners I was told 
to write frankly about everything and do not be afraid of critics. 
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The Taste of discovering..
There is no bad weather there is just a bad outfit. Today I want to share with You another day trip of mine.  I know that these one day trips are nothing special to be proud of, however all of them refresh me and leave a special mark.
Right thoughts at the right moment.
​​New years, new promises, new lessons and new adventures… all of this every single year, let’s see what is going to happen this year, because last year was so unexpected and long that is hard to understand that all my experience and stories happen just in one year.​​
Don't let your dreams be dreams.
Today my two of the most important men (twin and boyfriend) were sitting at the park. Just usual day in our lives now on holidays. I was scrolling Facebook and I was surprised how much we do not appreciate our lives here.​​
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New year - new challenge! 
After long time of silence I finally decided to write again. There were ups and downs again. A lot of things happened. I needed to have a break and rethink what I want to do and how I want it.
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